Fashion Advice: Keys to Always Being “IN” Style

Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity. – Longfellow

Have you trimmed your nose hairs lately? What about a pedicure?  Do you know what is “in” style now? We talk about this and much more in this interview with Aaron Marino.

So what is the big deal about “looking good”? Well, how we dress and take care of ourselves says a lot about who we are as a man.  Keeping your image at its best is imperative whether you are in the boardroom or on a date.  First impressions are powerful and much of it is based on nonverbal communication.  So, look good every time you leave the house.  The smoking hot girl next door may be watching you.

Aaron Marino is a style and image consultant.  He is all over YouTube and has even been on ABC’s Sharktank.  He helps men develop their personal brand and realize their true potential.  Today, we talk about keeping your image in check.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to always be “In” Style. The keys to a timeless wardrobe.
  • The biggest mistake most guys make when it comes to style.
  • How to find your style.
  • A Full Body Image Checklist – (Also see down below)
  • much more.


Here is the Interview Summary with the key points.  I am all about efficiency so if you don’t have time to watch the entire video you can still learn the important lessons.  Also, below is the Full Body Image Checklist .  Here you go…


Interview Summary


Have you ever wondered if what you are wearing is “in”?  Well in this interview Aaron Marino breaks down what you need to know to look great.

We talk about the keys to a timeless wardrobe.  How to buy your wardrobe so you are always  “in” style.

Dress your age: This is so important.  Be aware of how you look age-wise to others.  If you look young for your age and your clientele are older folks, then do not keep dressing in a way that makes you look twelve.

Wear Fitted clothes- This is the biggest mistake most guys make.  Men are wearing clothes that are too big for them.  Baggy clothes make you look shorter and heavier.  Fitted does not mean tight.  Fitted means it is tailored to follow the contours of you body more accurately. Custom clothing is now widely available and affordable. Check out

Know your body type: Some types of clothes compliment certain body types better than others.  Find a style savvy celebrity with your body type and see what types of clothes they wear. Remember that fitted is always a must.

Do not go for Trendy: Do not confuse style with trendy.  Classic styles and cuts are always in fashion.  Wear simple clothes without the eccentric styles.  For example, peak lapels and Ed hardy t-shirts are trendy.

Pay attention to all the little pieces- The key to looking good is not just one great piece of clothing.  It is all the little details that come together to make some truly look good and stand out.

Full Body Checklist:

 Start at the feet and work your way up.  Here are some things to notice. When it comes to style and standing out it is not about wearing the most expensive suit you can find.  It is about having the best outfit for that particular occasion.  In other words, if you go to a beach party, don’t wear a suit.  Instead, have the coolest board shorts and flip-flops if you want to stand out.

Feet:  Are your toenails clean and trimmed?  This is always a must because you never know when you will have to reveal your feet.  Do you plan on keeping your socks on when your lady is back at your place? 😉

Shoes:  Clean and appropriate for the outing.  Shoes are what a woman looks at first so pay attention to them.  This is a place where you can express your individuality.

Socks:  Match them with your pants, not your shoes. No white socks with dress shoes.

Pants: Fitted.  I know you like a girls ass when she has fitted pants that accentuate it.  Well, girls like to see your butt too.  If you are wearing baggy pants it looks like you have no butt.  Wear fitted jeans and you might just have that girl next door grab your butt next time she sees you.

Undergarments:  Go with boxer briefs.  They conform to your body to create a nice visual appeal. Boxers have unnecessary fabric. Definitely, no tighty whiteys.

Grooming under the pants:  Take a beard trimmer and trim the hair for a short and smooth look.  Shaving is for those of you that want to take it up a notch.  Make sure it smells good too.

Belt:  Must coordinate with your shoes.

Shirt:  Ironed and fitted.

Body and Chest Hair:  Take care of it. There are several options if you have lots of hair including wax, trimming, and laser removal.  Also, make sure you put lotion on your body if it is dry.  No one likes dry elbows.

Nails:  Trimmed and filed.  Always.  Women will see your nails and judge how you take care of yourself down in your pants.  Also, make sure they are filed short because if your date turns into a late night, you may find yourself putting them in sensitive places;) Women hate sharp or jagged nails.

Face:  Take care of nose hairs, eyebrows, and clean your ears.  Make sure you keep you hair looking clean and cut regularly.  Schedule an appointment every 3 weeks or whenever you know you hair starts to get scruffy.

Accessories: Apply a few accessories to take your outfit up to the next level.  These can be rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or a hat.  Do not overdo it.  Sometimes less is more.


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